DCS World Uutiskirje (22/2)

Eagle Dynamics:

DCS: A-10C Warthog Update
In addition to the creation of new modules, maps, and campaigns, we are also quite busy updating older content. Because DCS World is such a long-lived product that is continually updated, some content will become, and look outdated as the technology advances. Two good examples of this are the very popular A-10C Warthog and Ka-50 Blackshark modules. These modules are receiving significant updates that include a complete re-build of the cockpit geometry and textures. These will take advantage of deferred shading, physical based rendering, and proper VR projection in regards it the A-10C.

In parallel, we also continue to update older AI units, the Su-34 Fullback being the most recent example. Over time, we will also update other older models like the C-17, Tu-95, and others. However, given the extreme detail put into each of these modules, it takes time.
In today’s newsletter, we have a look at the new geometry that has been created for the A-10C cockpit.

DCS: P-51D Mustang Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney Campaign for Steam Release

Now available on Steam

Become a member of the most famous fighter unit of the USAAF, take part in escorting large bomber formations, support the ground troops after D-day, or engage the Luftwaffe over the snowy hills of the Ardennes. The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney is a semi-historical campaign for the P-51D Mustang. It follows the 352nd Fighter Group from May 1944 through the Normandy landings until Operation Bodenplatte in January 1945. This campaign has a plethora of details and Easter eggs to make you feel like a young American flyboy in the Army Air Forces in 1944.

This campaign requires the following DLC:

  • DCS: P-51D Mustang
  • DCS: Normandy 1944 Map
  • DCS: World War II Assets Pack

Key Features:

  • 14 semi-historical missions focusing on the 352nd Fighter Group
  • A detailed background story, mission contexts, checklists and encounter reports
  • Detailed briefings and briefing images, including separate PDF mission files
  • Unique kneeboard graphics and checklists for each mission
  • Hundreds of specially recorded voice-over messages and radio broadcasts
  • Historically accurate custom skins
  • A wide array of missions including fighter sweep, bomber escort, armed reconnaissance and ground attack

DCS World Release Version Update
This week we moved the Open Beta version of DCS World to the Release (aka Stable version). Please find the complete change log for this week’s Release version update here.

Notable items in the update this week includes:

  • Increased the JTAC laser designation range to 3,000 meters to match real-world equipment.
  • Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) option is now server-side enforced.
  • Adjusted Su-33 aircraft carrier takeoff weight.
  • Corrected network play performance impact when no sound card is present.
  • Added infantry to Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
  • Added Cuba to country list.
  • Kazakhstan MiG-29 skins added.
  • Several crash circumstances fixed.
  • M-2000C external model updated and wing vapors added.
  • Fixes to the AV-8B NA, Christen Eagle II, and MiG-21bis.
  • Numerous improvements to the C-101.
  • Hornet improvements including improved unguided weapons accuracy, DUD cue logic, pull-up cue and Break X logic, and high drag bombs. An option for Maverick TDC slew that does not require TDC press has been added. Time on Target HUD cue has been fixed.
  • Spitfire canopy corrected.
  • Now able to rearm and refuel from all locations at Al Dhafra airbase in the Persian Gulf map.
  • Several campaigns have fixes and improvements.

The Eagle Dynamics Team

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