DCS World Uutiskirje (15/9)

Eagle Dynamics:

Weekend Sales and Bundles
This weekend we have some rather large sales on the fantastic work Belsimtek has done on their helicopters. Particularly with the new Normandy 1944 Map and the upcoming Caucasus map update and the new Strait of Hormuz map, flying helicopters has never been so good in DCS World.

Starting today at 1500 GMT and lasting until 18 September at 0900 GMT, we are offering the following sales:

We are also offering two great Belsimtek helicopter bundles with campaigns with 65% off savings:

  • DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight + Mi-8MTV2: Oilfield Campaign
  • DCS: UH-1H Huey + UH-1H Argo Campaign

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DCS World Uutiskirje (8/9)

Eagle Dynamics:

Belsimtek’s NS 430 Navigation System Now Available for DCS: Mi-8MTV2

Purchase from DCS e-shop

Developed by Belsimtek, The NS 430 GPS navigation system, is an optional add-on module for DCS World aircraft. Starting with DCS: Mi-8MTV2, the NS 430 provides powerful, yet intuitive, navigation and radio communications options to supplement the navigation and radio systems already integrated into our aircraft. The NS 430 is just one of several, planned expansions for the Mi-8MTV2. The NS 430 is particularly useful for older aircraft with less sophisticated navigation and communication systems.

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DCS World Uutiskirje (28/4)

Mi-8MVT2 Oilfield Campaign by Laivynas
Life in civil aviation is far removed from dangers of military conflict. Instead, it’s based on strict time tables and lunch breaks.

Eagle Dynamics:

Meet a group of old friends: captain Jury Maksimovich Protasov and his Mi-8MTV2 crew. After the events of the ”Spring Tension” conflict, they are again in business together. However, this time they are gainfully employed as cargo transportation contractors, serving the interests of the oil industry.

Rather than combat, this campaign will test your knowledge of the Mi-8MTV2 navigation suite in order to locate oil derricks scattered over the forests. Challenge yourself as a cargo pilot and never have to worry about being shot at again!

Crew moto: “Not a day without drama!” (с) crew chief Andrey Jatka lukemista

DCS World Uutiskirje (9/12)

Eagle Dynamics:

DCS World 1.5.5 Update 2
This weekend we will be releasing the second update to DCS World 1.5.5. The primary new feature of this update is support for the new Mi-8MTV2: The Border Campaign by Armen. You can read additional changes included in this second update in the DCS forum.

Please use the automatic Updater, or manually update by selecting Update DCS World from your Widows Start Menu / Eagle Dynamics folder.

Mi-8MTV2: The Border Campaign by Armen
Taking advantage of the new update to the Mi-8MTV2, the Border Campaign is now available for download from our e-Shop at: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c…hop/campaigns/
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