Hoggitdev Uutiskirje (9/2017)

Community A-4E: September 2017 Update

Hi everyone. Sorry we’re a day late!

For September, we’d like to show some of the unwrap & PBR material conversion that our artists have been making. The move to PBR in the new engine requires a lot of trial-and-error in different lighting conditions and that’s where most of the month has gone. With PBR being the future of the DCS rendering engine, we figured it was time to make the conversion.

While the unwrap is still not complete (you’ll see the matte throttle handle and toggle switches), it’s coming along slowly-but-surely.

Left-side objects:

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Hoggitdev Uutiskirje (8/2017)

Community A-4E: August 2017 Update

Hi everyone. Just a few things to report this month…

First, while the interior unwrap is continuing, we aren’t yet finished updating the new surface texturing to match, and thus we’re not quite ready to show off the fully painted cockpit yet. Hopefully ready within the next few weeks and ready for our next update.

We did take the time to re-model our fuel tanks (to include bobtail variants on the centerline) and give each livery its own fuel tank skin, as a function of the squadron you choose. We combed through a bunch of historical photos we had of the various squadrons, and tried to replicate the tanks as accurately as possible.

As an example, here’s VA-163 Saints with a pair of 300 gallon wing tanks and six Mk-82 bombs on the centerline:

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Hoggitdev Uutiskirje (7/2017)

Community A-4E: July 2017 Update

Hi everyone!

Been a slow summer so far, with more vacations, one team member in OshKosh, one team member traveling Europe with his band, and me just being lazy.

Cockpit unwrap still continues, slowly but surely. Work is still in progress to improve cockpit lighting to work better in the new engine. Lastly, what we can show, is finishing out a few more weapon systems.

We’ve implemented 2 additional cluster dispensers, in addition to the CBU-2/A, which means 3 different cluster setups will be available:

  • CBU-1/A: SUU-7 dispenser with 509 BLU-4/B anti-personnel bomblets
  • CBU-2/A: SUU-7 dispenser with 360 BLU-3/B fragmentation bomblets
  • CBU-2B/A: SUU-7 dispenser with 409 BLU-3/B fragmentation bomblets

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Hoggitdev Uutiskirje (5/2017)

Community A-4E: May 2017 Update

Hi everyone! We admittedly had a slow few months, with a number of vacations and distractions, but as of the end of May, we’ve built up a bit of momentum again and hope to push closer to release at a decent cadence. On that note, I figured I’d surprise everyone (as well as half the team) and post the update two days early! Hope nobody minds…

Unwraps and Texturing

This month, the biggest visible difference in the A-4 is that we’ve started unwrapping and texturing more of the cockpit. The gauges themselves have been unwrapped for a while, but now the ejection seat, cockpit wall baffles, and flooring are all unwrapped and textured. Additionally, we’ve been trying to make the light bulb textures a bit more realistic for the cockpit indicators. We’re happy to show some in-progress textures:

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Hoggitdev Uutiskirje (1/2017)

Community A-4E Update, January 2017


Hi everyone, and welcome to our January 2017 Community A-4E update. This month’s theme is ”You’re in Control of the System.”
Before mentioning any of our content however, we just want to toot our own horn and say Happy Birthday to Us! As of the first week of January, we’ve now been working on the A-4 for a year. We’ve had a few bumpy moments along the way, but every time we think something isn’t possible, one of us pulls a rabbit out of a hat and here we are… Tempus fugit, just like our A-4E.

And now to our new content…

Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS)

The first new feature for this month’s update is our implementation of the realistic Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS), otherwise known as the autopilot. We didn’t use any of the built-in SFM functionality for this, instead implementing our own custom PID controllers from scratch (had to brush up a bit on control systems theory, and aircraft control systems in particular). The autopilot has 3 primary modes of operation while engaged: Jatka lukemista

Hoggitdev Uutiskirje (12/2016)

Community A-4E Update, December 2016



”Merry Brrrrrrrrrrrrrtmas”

Hi everyone, and welcome to our December 2016 Community A-4E update. This month’s theme is Merry Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtmas.

However, before we get to the fun stuff, a quick announcement… DrMarianus has decided to step away from the team for a while, as he’s got too many other ongoing projects that need his attention right now. He’s been a good member of our team since the beginning and we wish him all the best!

First, a short list of the smaller refinements and improvements…

  • Unwrap and texture for the landing gear (this had to be re-done completely due to unwrap changes)
  • Fix for the pitch and yaw trim indicators, along with our own custom trim system and horizontal stabilizer animation to match. This makes level flight much easier at all speeds, independent of elevator and rudder authority in the SFM
  • Fix for rocket alignment to gunsight angle when attached to pylons 2, 3 or 4
  • Fix for the gunsight night/day modes and brightness knob
  • More cockpit control panel texturing, to get ready for system implementation

In addition to the above fixes, we finally are able to show off some of our modeling work, which is mostly in the weapons category.
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Hoggitdevin lokakuun Uutiskirje


For the Community A-4E October Update, we’re excited to present a number of new features and capabilities for our mod:


With the very-generous tips and suggestions from both SkateZilla and one of our 3rd party developers, we’ve implemented our first exterior lighting; red and green wingtip navigation lights, a flashing anti-collision beacon on top of the avionics hump, a white navigation light on the tail, and a bright taxi floodlight on the right main gear door. Navigation, tail and fuselage lights support both bright and dim settings, and may be programmed to flash or shine steadily. (Fuselage lighting and the refueling probe light will hopefully make it by next month.) Jatka lukemista