Heatblur Simulations Q1/2017 uutiskirje

Heatblur Simulations:

Dear All,

Welcome to our first aggregate development update for Heatblur! We’ve been very incredibly busy; but hopefully we’ve still managed to keep you in the loop on the latest progress and development goals.
We thought it’d be a good idea to put together an aggregate update, so that we can offer some more information on what we’re working on and our roadmap for 2017 and onwards.

Currently, our team is split between three major projects; one of which is the completion of the AJS 37 Viggen.
We’ve been working hard on clearing bugs and outstanding issues from the Viggen and are making good progress. We’ve also been working on several big and exciting features for this module. Some of these were developed for future aircraft like the F-14, and are being ”backported” to the Viggen.

We’ll be sharing more as they reach completion and get pushed to the active branch. Jatka lukemista

DEVELOPMENT UPDATE #3: Phoenix Rising!

Leatherneck Simulations:

Dear All,

For the F-14 project, we realized that we’ll need to spend considerable time and effort with the development and research for the AIM-54 Phoenix missile.

Not only due to this weapons’ unique place as a weapon designed specifically for the AWG-9 radar system, its’ role as the tip of the spear of the USN air-to-air capability or even it’s amazing range and performance– but also to ensure that any advantages and disadvantages of the missile are accurately reproduced and respected.

It’s quite likely that the AIM-54 will change the players’ experience in the DCS multiplayer environment.
Thus, we consider it of the utmost importance to have a wide breadth of open and readily available research available to the community. Jatka lukemista