Hi Everyone

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Hi Everyone

Viesti Kirjoittaja safdar53 » 26 Syys 2016, 15:06

Dear Finnish Virtual Pilots,

My name is Safdar and I am living in Finland for now over 4 years.
I am a new DCS enthusiast. I have Mig21bis and M2000c in my hanger, though I am still learning.
I recently came across the DCS Finland forum and I am glad to be a part of it.

I wonder if the members of this forum ever organize any multiplayer training events, formation flying etc?
I am mainly interested to learn about the use of radio comms via teamspeak or Simpleradio, and navigation. I by chance came across this video and found it somewhat helpful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvAaiXy5W_Y

Do we have a Facebook group to interact with DCS enthusiasts in Finland?

Thanks very much

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Re: Hi Everyone

Viesti Kirjoittaja Bushmanni » 27 Syys 2016, 00:44

DCS Finland organizes action mostly for Finnish speaking people. We do stuff with international community and on those occasions we use English but unless you can communicate in Finnish, you might have trouble finding DCS Finland events where you can participate. If you bump into SF Squadron members on 104th teamspeak for example or any other international place, we are happy to fly and communicate using English with you. As long as you can communicate in Finnish without too much trouble understanding and being understood we are glad to have you flying with us on Finnish language events.

Currently we (well, mostly I ) organize training mostly on air-to-air combat (in Finnish) so you would have to find some like minded individuals to practice with navigation and communication. I encourage anyone with like interests to respond to this post or p.m. you to make it happen. DCS Finland events don't require anyone to know or use proper comms with ATC, navigate using real world procedures etc. so there's little incentive to practice any of that stuff currently. As we try to keep the bar low for new guys this policy is unlikely to change either. SF Squadron is the sub group of DCS Finland that has some demands on pilots but we haven't put a plan about comms etc. procedures into action yet and hence no training for it.

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Re: Hi Everyone

Viesti Kirjoittaja safdar53 » 27 Syys 2016, 10:28

Thanks a lot for response, Bushmanni!.
I am glad to have at least one response to my post, otherwise I realized that I am really in Finland. :D
I understand Finns are reluctant to open up to strangers, but we will eventually get familiar to each other.

Currently, I have started learning Finnish language, so hopefully I will be able to start speaking Finnish in a decade or so. :) Its really a tough language.

I really look forward to find few like-minded Finns to get in touch via p.m., so that we could start flying together.
Otherwise, I can also send a p.m. to some of the members to check if they are interested to fly together.
Thanks a lot everyone.

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Re: Hi Everyone

Viesti Kirjoittaja RedShot » 27 Syys 2016, 18:12


Welcome to be part of great group of DCS pilots. Like said ppl mainly speak finnish, but i hope that don't stop you from joining in our multiplayer events. Great way to learn the language is by listening people talking it. You are more than welcome to join in our teamspeak server to speak with people (English is just fine but don't expect anything big). You may also find people chatting in discord about random stuff or upcoming events.

There should be multiplayer flights every wednesday. You can find about upcoming flight from the forums or by following steam groups DCS Quickie amd DCS Finland

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Re: Hi Everyone

Viesti Kirjoittaja safdar53 » 27 Syys 2016, 19:21

Thank you RedShot! happy to be part of this forum.

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Re: Hi Everyone

Viesti Kirjoittaja GrumpyFinn » 02 Kesä 2018, 20:32

OMG Guess who's here ;)

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