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Dear aviators,

We are slowly approaching the middle of October, summer is long gone, and ahead of us we can already see a glimpse of winter. But before that comes, we would like to give you a brief update on our development situation.

The programmers’ focus and attention is full steam directly aimed at the MiG-21Bis development for Modern Air Combat. Progress should not take longer than a month and they are already at 40% completion.

While the programmers are thicc in 1s and 0s, the Christen Eagle 2 is facing an advanced testing phase based on a team of internal testers. We’ve managed to gather several SME’s that have various degrees of experience on this bird, including a few aerobatic instructors. Though the Flight Model has a few minor quirks to address, overall expression is that this module is on par with the real aircraft. Basic and advanced aerobatics seem equitably accurate.

We have begun the development of a fabulous new promotional video we hope you all like, while also trying to make up our mind which of the two samples of Lycoming O-360 engine sound we find most accurate and which will  be delivered to you with the rest of module. Finally, we are working with Eagle Dynamics to integrate the 3D version of the NS430 GPS navigation system for a more immersive flight experience.


And addressing the elephant in the forum, we have a few updates on MiG-21Bis situation.

  • Over the past few years everyone has experience some sort of activation trouble. Eagle Dynamics is currently looking into having our module’s DRM get in line with their new “log-in” standard. If successful, users will not have to worry about entering a key ever again.
  • The pilot model that we’ve shown you some time ago was not shown in the game graphics engine. Below, you will find new screenshots as it will appear in game. The external pilot textures are nearly complete, while animations are ready for presentation. The pilot will be available as soon as the new cockpit update is finished. And yes, there will be an option to view it in cockpit mode.
  • The cockpit will soon be underway for a complete makeover. Your pleas were read, and we’re planning…we repeat plan on providing a multitude of cockpit livery options. This includes colors, language, measuring system, and varying degrees of weathering. Though there is no guarantee on the quantity yet. Small fixes are being implemented in patches as well.
  • Other improvements include proper instrument panel lighting, where the light-ray sources will come directly from the light posts. The 3D mesh itself will be totally remodeled to ensure proper alignment to the external model so that users of VR headsets will have a better experience.
  • It has also been decided that the two external 8K textures will once again be split back into separate 4K sets to help mitigate stuttering for low end computer systems, after several users have been reporting performance issues.
  • While the programmers are making headway for MAC, a few bugs are being looked into such as the R-13M, R-3R, and R-3S missiles’ performance degradation. We’re currently using TacView and comparing our sources to help improve them.
  • Our researcher is currently collecting data on the SPO-10 to further improve it. Improvement work is scheduled to begin later this year, as top priority right now is MiG-21bis for MAC.
  • The programmer for the flight model has stressed it will remain as is. As stated before in previous posts, actual real-time flight data recordings from a Serbian MiG-21Bis (75B) were presented to Eagle Dynamics as requested. There were no objections towards the data presented and all discrepancies in existing documents were explained. Fret not, other bugs will continue to be fixed though.

And thus, the programmers have kindly asked, that if changes are seriously needed, and when submitting a bug report, whether it is FM related or systems modeling, to do the following:

  • Write an accurate and detailed report. Do not be vague, or leave simple things out. The more information that is presented, the better, as we can recreate the problem exactly as the user experienced it.
  • Include all the steps taken to produce the bug(s).
  • Attach Missions, TacViews tracks, and/or SARPP, dcs.log data files, and screenshots.
  • Show real world data compared to the modules’ data. Preferably in English or Serbian.
  • Keep all the information presented in a neat, orderly easy-to-follow format.

Last but not least, is a note on F4U-1D Corsair development. We can proudly report that PBR conversion of it’s textures is underway.

source: http://leatherneck-sim.com/october-2018-update/

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