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Eagle Dynamics:

DCS: Normandy 1944 Map
Since the initial Early Access release of the DCS: Normandy 1944 Map, we and Ugra Media have been working on several improvements to increase its enjoyability and increase its accuracy. In addition to further refining the map for improved performance, we have made the following improvements:

  • Region and period correct water towers
  • Region and period correct wind mills and increased the population of them across the map
  • Farm houses interspersed in countryside areas
  • Several variation of bridges that match the region and time period
  • Removed brick buildings from the Advanced Landing Ground (ALG) airfields
  • Concrete runways for correct airfields
  • Improve beach transition

Here are some images showing some of these new improvements that we hope to release soon.

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Hoggitdev Uutiskirje (9/2017)

Community A-4E: September 2017 Update

Hi everyone. Sorry we’re a day late!

For September, we’d like to show some of the unwrap & PBR material conversion that our artists have been making. The move to PBR in the new engine requires a lot of trial-and-error in different lighting conditions and that’s where most of the month has gone. With PBR being the future of the DCS rendering engine, we figured it was time to make the conversion.

While the unwrap is still not complete (you’ll see the matte throttle handle and toggle switches), it’s coming along slowly-but-surely.

Left-side objects:

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