Razbam Uutiskirje #2

Razbam Simulations:

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I present to you the number 2 development update of the Razbam MiG-19P, which focus on showing the WIP cockpit mesh. Art work continues on both the external and internal model while all the necessary data for the flight model and systems is being organized.

Thanks to a very exaustive research work, we now own almost all MiG-19 operational documentation with a very good quality, so we hope to be able to deliver a good aircraft manual from the start.

As it was said before, the MiG-19P that´s going to be made is a late series MiG-19P with RP-5 Radar and R-3S AA missile integration. Because of the strong similarities between the P and PM variants, it would require a lot less effort to make also a MiG-19PM than a MiG-19S, so we may go for a MiG-19PM after the MiG-19P, so you can have PVO first two all weather supersonic interceptors.

I have been reading the comments about the Facebook updates in comparison with the ones here in the forums and I have to say that I agree with most of you who want to see those small advances and don´t use FB. I will try to post them here too. I need to say however that the most important updates are always posted here.

Without much else to say:

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