Hoggitdev Uutiskirje (7/2017)

Community A-4E: July 2017 Update

Hi everyone!

Been a slow summer so far, with more vacations, one team member in OshKosh, one team member traveling Europe with his band, and me just being lazy.

Cockpit unwrap still continues, slowly but surely. Work is still in progress to improve cockpit lighting to work better in the new engine. Lastly, what we can show, is finishing out a few more weapon systems.

We’ve implemented 2 additional cluster dispensers, in addition to the CBU-2/A, which means 3 different cluster setups will be available:

  • CBU-1/A: SUU-7 dispenser with 509 BLU-4/B anti-personnel bomblets
  • CBU-2/A: SUU-7 dispenser with 360 BLU-3/B fragmentation bomblets
  • CBU-2B/A: SUU-7 dispenser with 409 BLU-3/B fragmentation bomblets

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