Hoggitdev Uutiskirje (5/2017)

Community A-4E: May 2017 Update

Hi everyone! We admittedly had a slow few months, with a number of vacations and distractions, but as of the end of May, we’ve built up a bit of momentum again and hope to push closer to release at a decent cadence. On that note, I figured I’d surprise everyone (as well as half the team) and post the update two days early! Hope nobody minds…

Unwraps and Texturing

This month, the biggest visible difference in the A-4 is that we’ve started unwrapping and texturing more of the cockpit. The gauges themselves have been unwrapped for a while, but now the ejection seat, cockpit wall baffles, and flooring are all unwrapped and textured. Additionally, we’ve been trying to make the light bulb textures a bit more realistic for the cockpit indicators. We’re happy to show some in-progress textures:

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DCS World Uutiskirje (26/5)

Eagle Dynamics:

DCS: Normandy 1944 Map and DCS: World War II Assets Pack, Now Available for Download
After a great deal of research, technology development, and design, the wait is finally over; take to the skies over Normandy France! All pre-purchase customers can now download the Early Access, DCS: Normandy 1944 Map and the DCS: World War II Assets Pack.

To install the new map, please update your DCS World 2 Open Alpha, or download from DCS site.

This will install DCS World Open Alpha 2.1, and it will allow you to have both the DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range Map and/or the DCS: Normandy 1944 Map.
The DCS: World War II Assets Pack will work with both DCS World 2.1 and DCS World 1.5. Jatka lukemista