DCS World Uutiskirje (17/2)

Eagle Dynamics:

Normandy 1944 Map Update
When we started the DCS World War II series, we realized that one of the most important aspects of the series will be a great set of period maps to support the aircraft. Our first effort in this direction has been the Normandy 1944 map. Although originally scoped to just include the immediate area around the Normandy landing areas, the product has grown based on customer feedback and to create a great single player and multiplayer environment. This has taken the us in the following directions:

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Grudge Match 4



Burning Skies has been well…BURNING from all the action going on since official competition kicked off this February!

A lot has been on the line for the valiant WWII pilots flying on Burning Skies server – during the first 10 days, the server hosted a qualifying phase to determine who was going to earn the right to fight in Grudge Match 4, a premium DCS PvP event sponsored by DCS makers themselves: Eagle Dynamics! Jatka lukemista

DCS Normandy streami

Matt Wagner:

Dear all,

On 25 February, I plan to do the first live stream of the Normandy 1944 map! This will probably be over Youtube livesteam.

If you have specific questions about this map, please post them here and I’ll try to answer many of them during the stream.

Next week I will provide the exact time.

Look forward to seeing you all then,

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