DCS World Uutiskirje (27/5)

Eagle Dynamics:

DCS: L-39 week!

Today marks the start of an Albatros weekend with several deals that will start on 27 May 2016 at 1500 GMT and last until 30 May 2016 at 0900 GMT. We are very proud of DCS: L-39 Albatros given its exceptional modeling of flight dynamic, cockpit systems, sound, and both internal and external art. On top of that, the Albatros is the first DCS module to feature cooperative multiplayer that allows two on-line players to occupy the same aircraft. Jatka lukemista

ME-163B-1a Kehitteillä


Two weeks ago, myself and two other DCS enthusiasts wanted to get our hands into DCS development, since our first two weeks we have learnt quite a lot and would like to share some of our current development plans with you, this includes screenshots of the current module we are developing to hopefully coincide with the release of the normandy map – The ME-163B-1a. Jatka lukemista

DCS World Uutiskirje (20/5)

Eagle Dynamics:

DCS: F-5E Tiger II is now available for pre-purchase!

Belsimtek with The Fighter Collection and Eagle Dynamics are happy to announce that DCS: F-5E Tiger II is available for pre-purchase from the DCS shop. The pre-purchase provides both a 20% discount off the retail price and access to the Early Access coming in July-August 2016. Jatka lukemista